November 30, 2008

I recently got glasses. I've been wearing them since I picked them up to get used to them. So far they've made me sick to my stomach and made it difficult to eat because I kept over shooting my mouth. As clear as everything has become (like what Brad Pitt experienced when he was turned into a vampire in Interview With a Vampire) I've suffered an unforseen unpleasantry. I've been looking at some of my work, particularily the pieces that I've posted and their flaws have developed into glaring, eye sores. Each picture has mistakes that went unoticed to my un-specticled eyes; mistakes that shouldn't have slipped through my fingers. No more I say; a new day has dawned, shining light on a more refined batch of work. Perhaps...

November 02, 2008

There are a great deal of things wrong with this but for now I'm going to put it away. I'm pretty happy with how the under water actually looks underwater; that took a lot of noodling. By noodling I mean a different word that means experimentation that doesn't make me sound like a grandma.

The piece is a great visualization of a fear I always had swimming up in Algonquin Park. The water's crystal clear but most of the lakes are so deep that when you look down it's just black. Even when I'm swimming in shallow water and something like a leaf or something touches my leg it grosses me out. What happens in Algonquin is there are hundreds of fallen branches and entire trees that have fallen in the water and are just under the surface that you can't always see. So I'd be swimming along and then kick one by accident and flip out because I thought it was fish or weird thing grabbing me. 

One time I was reaching down the side of my bed at night and my finger touched something that I didn't expect to be there and I thought E.T. was reaching up from under my bed. It turns out it was just the support beam.