February 17, 2009

     I haven't posted anything for ages. Literally ages. Generations of people and entire cultures have risen, flourished and then blinked out of existence since I last updated. I believe that I said in the very first post of this blog that I was going to make a good effort to update this regularly and I hardly think that once every two months is regular. I could chalk it up to being too busy however that's a lie; I just haven't finished anything recently. My plan is to work smaller; not excessively smaller but small enough that each piece doesn't take months on end. Pffft, like I work on them every waking minute; if I did that they'd be done in weeks which I guess is still a long time.

     The above pic is a tonal study for a piece I'm working on.  It's just a little something a dreamed up (dreamed or dreamt? I never know now since that movie I Dreamed of Africa) that's a little less dark than what I usually dive into. That could be a good thing. I may, MAY, post it when it's finished.