April 19, 2009

This is a character I re-designed for someone not long ago.

So the Toronto comicon ended a few hours ago and we're all home safe and sound, soon to wash the strange, basement-of-convention-centre smell off our bodies. I enjoyed my time there though I felt brain dead from the excessive inactivity, if that even makes any sense. It was a nice pretext to the zanniness of the Toronto Fan Expo if nothing else.

There was a "Lift Jesus Higher" rally in the same building on a different floor that inevitably birthed some off-colour jokes on our part. I found it strange that it was referred to as a 'rally' because when I think of that word I imagine a large meeting of white, hooded figures who "don't like coloured folk."

I did a lot of sketching at the con but only one I worked out at length, one that will be my next piece when I finish Darryl's portrait. I decided to work in a different format than all the other work I've done in the last year; the new format for the piece above is going to be very tall; something like 7 x 28.