August 31, 2009

So the Toronto Fan Expo wrapped up yesterday and a good time was had by all. Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the day, the celebrities, the art and especially the people dressed up as strange characters I couldn't identify. I love a few of you and I like most of you.

August 12, 2009

This piece was a long time coming. I'd drawn the first sketches for it back in the winter of 2008 and had attempted to finish it for the comicon of that August. It wasn't into the following winter that I finally finished it and the crappy scan that I got last week has marginalized its greatness. Oh well. Once I've constructed an adequate photo area, these problems will be a thing of the past. Or I'll find some new way to screw up the photos.

This piece is a really old collab that I did with Thadeus Maximus. He drew it and then I transposed the line drawing onto larger paper and went to town. The photo didn't turn out great and I can still see some glare from the flash. I have yet to construct a suitable space for photographing work; something I need to remedy for the near future.

I posted the sketch that this piece was based on a couple months ago. I changed the orientation of the figure because I noticed a lot of the ones that I had done recently were facing left. As far as the scans that were done at Oakville Blueprint, this one had the least amount of detail loss.

I while ago my friend and esteem colleague Darryl Graham asked people to do a portrait of him. I don't know why. Maybe because he was selfconscious of that thing where when you look in the mirror the person you see looks different from the one you see in photographs and he wanted to be sure of the extent of the contrast. Who knows? At any rate, I worked exceptionally hard on the portrait and have just recently had it scanned. Unfortunately, the scan blew out a lot of the subtle grays into pure white which is the story for all the scans I had done at the store. I shouldn't have expected perfection though; all they're used to scanning are blueprints.